About Karen


Most recently I have been creating these one-of-a-kind pieces which you can find on the “My Pieces” tab on this website, and on my Facebook page. I have a NEW ETSY shop where you can purchase these unique pieces when the Fall/Winter shows are not in progress! All pieces are made from upcycled materials, mostly wool blend sweaters. I love to go out searching for the materials…. it’s almost as fun as designing and creating the pieces. After I get the materials home, they are washed and dried in HOT temperatures. Then I begin the process of designing, and creating a piece. It all flows together as I am creating it. There is seldom a set plan for any piece…… I just create as I go.   

I create my pieces in our cozy home in the Finger Lakes Region in Upstate New York.  My husband and I live on a quiet, country road, with sheep across the street, and fields of produce all around our property.  I am a certified yoga instructor, and practice regularly. I recently gave up teaching yoga to have more time to create these pieces. My own regular yoga practice keeps me centered during the crazy Fall/Winter show season!

I am a Reiki Master, and work with healing energies. This training has also helped to keep me centered and balanced.  I use Reiki on myself in a daily practice of self healing maintenance. 

One of the most exciting things I have done in recent years is to become an Infinite Possibilities trainer, The Art of Living your Dreams, presented by Mike Dooley! This program is designed to assist those who want to rediscover their power, and uniqueness, and help them move forward in the life they dream of. The program focuses on recognizing our limiting beliefs, and how to let go of them. My own life is an example of this program as I continue to imagine the endless possibilities of life, and I look forward to growing with the program, and LIFE.  I LOVE attending the conferences with so many like-minded people!!  The energy at these events is amazing!

Kreationality participates in local Fall/Winter festivals and shows in the Rochester and surrounding area.  It’s so fun to meet everyone at these events, and the day is full of catching up with clients, seeing old friends, visiting with fellow vendors, and meeting new friends!  The high energy that is swirling around during the day of the shows is surreal…… I love it.  To alternate from that busy festival schedule, I love to work quietly at home in my sewing room. Great balancing going on there!!  

I look forward to creating these pieces for you. Check out the Etsy page and Facebook page often to see whats new.  If you find something you like on my Facebook page just let me know, and I can post it on Etsy to purchase!!  
Thanks for visiting!