Fun stuff going on…….

Hi friends!  
It’s been a while since I’ve put some words down here, but I thought I would let you know what I have been up to!  
Kreationality had a great 2015 season, and I got right back to sewing, and creating from new ideas right away in the new year.  One of the things I have learned is called wet felting.  I have always loved the felting process, specifically the nuno felting, or wet felting.  It’s just a beautiful process, and a way to be very creative with color.  So I took a class at Weaving & Fibert Arts Center.  I loved learning the process with the added touch of using upcycled silk pieces on the project.  We created scarves in the class, and I have since created several others.  My favorite one is shown here. P1040663

I am signed up for another class this month at the Weaving & FIbert Arts Center to learn how to dye the silk and wool that are used in the felting process.  I love the fiber arts!  I hope to learn more on spinning wool soon, because I already bought a spinning wheel last year at the Hemlock Fiber show.  Now that was a FUN show… I was overwhelmed by all the things I could create!  I tried almost every process available.  Hope to get back to that show this year!

I continue to gather wool sweaters, and chop them up to re-invent new, exciting and fun sweaters!  You can visit my facebook page to see the current pieces I have completed!  

I have listed the 2016 shows I am participating in on the Kreationality website under Festivals and Stores tab.  I was accepted to Morristown Holiday Craft Show in New Jersey this year, but I decided not to do that one.  Maybe in the future when I am retired, and have a bit more time!!  :D

So I will continue learning new things, creating at my sewing machine, and keeping in touch with you through the summer!!  Have fun, and hope to see you in September!  I am grateful for you support!

Thank you!!

Karen Ferner

New stuff

Hi Everyone,

I’m sure everyone is looking forward to Spring!  Looks like it will take a little more time, though.  I have been busy with lots of visiting family, and taking some classes, and just having some fun.  I recently took a nuno felting class, and I loved it!  This is the scarf that I created at the class.  There are pieces of upcycled silk throughout the scarf.  I really enjoyed the class that was offered at the Weaving & Fiber Arts Center in East Rochester. 

upcycled nuno scarfIt was a new process for me, and I will continue to explore it, and find ways to incorporate this into my pieces.

I continue to work on my sweaters, and coats.  I have been sewing in between all the activities going on each weekend, but this weekend I am home for the whole weekend!!  I am sewing wildly, and having so much fun.  Tonight I mostly worked on black and white tunics, and started a poncho.  I had two ponchos at my last show which sold immediately, so I am working on more of those!

I will start out tomorrow morning finishing up my black and white poncho, and then changing my thread into some COLOR!  Stay posted on my Facebook page where I post each completed piece as I do them.  If interested in any of the pieces just let me know via message or email, and I can put the piece on Etsy

I have applied to all the shows I did last year so far, and I’m looking at an out of town show possibility.  Just because I don’t have enough going on in my life!  :D

I look forward to Spring, and getting outside!!  Stay posted for all my new pieces on Facebook.  
Karen Ferner

Sewing away…..


Hello friends!  
I have been sewing away like crazy these last few months.  I just did a photo shoot with several of my new pieces with my photographer Nancy Riegelsperger.  You can check out those pictures on my Facebook page, and I also have several pieces for sale on my Etsy page.  The poncho on the left is new!

I have been applying to the 2106 Fall shows that I have done for several years….. Clothesline (accepted), Letchworth, Canandaigua Christkindl, and I have two new shows this year!  March 19 & 20 I will be participating in the Rochester Home & Garden Show at the Riverside Convention Center…. this is going to be a great venue, and I’m looking forward to it.  I am also looking forward to a new show on September 17 & 18.  The Springwater Music & Craft show.  Hope you can check out these events.  For more information go to my FESTIVALS tab. I am still waiting for applications for a few shows, and maybe another new venue!  

I have been having fun sewing since the new year, and keeping up on the sales on my Etsy page.  At the same time I am always working on an inventory for the Fall/Winter shows.  This keeps me busy most weekends, and sometimes I don’t leave the house…. which is fine, because it’s my favorite place.  But, I do still work full time, so my sewing is always done on weekends.  Sometimes I get a few minutes during the week to get some work done, but usually that’s just keeping up with my Etsy shop, my website, Facebook, or email messages.

I am so grateful for your support, and all the interest in my pieces.  It feels great to have such a full tent at the festivals each year.  I continue to experiment with fiber, and love to come up with new ideas to share with you!

Spring is around the corner!!  Stay in touch with me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, and Etsy.



IMG_9798 (2)Almost time for another arm warmer drawing…… February 1st already!  Wow, it goes by fast!  
I have been sewing new pieces, and posting them on Facebook and Etsy for you!  I have a coupon code available right now through February 1st for 20% off all pieces in my Etsy shop.
Coupon code:  JANUARY2016

Thank you for your support, purchases, and conversations at the shows!  I look forward to another fun season in 2016.  I will be applying to the same shows in 2016, and an additional show in Hamburg, NY called Yuletide in the Country.  Hoping to get in to this show.  We visited Hamburg, NY last year to check out the show, and it was a great time with lots of people!  Hope we get in.
Good luck in the arm warmer drawing!

January 2016

IMG_9812Happy New Year to everyone!!  We are officially into Winter now with all this snow!
Thank you to all of the Kreationality supporters, friends, family and clients!  It was a successful 2015 Fall/Winter show run.  I appreciate every one of you that stopped by to chat, and look at my work.
I am very busy working on new pieces, and trying very hard to get better at posting new pieces on Facebook, and then also getting them on Etsy for sale, and include  
measurements, and pictures for you.  I recently sold a piece to a gal in Pennsylvania, and that makes me so happy that I reached that person, and makes the marketing work 
worthwhile.  It’s not my area of expertise, but I do what I can with help from several other kind folks!!
I am starting to fill out my 2016 applications for the shows I have been doing, and also looking at new show venues.  Hoping to get in to Yuletide in the Country in Hamburg, NY.
So stay tuned for new pieces on the Facebook page, and for purchases check out my 
Etsy store.  Let me know if you need arm warmers.  You can send me a private message, and I will send pics of several to choose from.
Also, don’t forget there is an arm warmer drawing on February 1st!  I will give a pair away
on Facebook, and also a winner will be randomly picked from the Kreationality mailing 
list.  Sign up here.
Thank you so much for all the support!

New Pieces

dressI created this cute dress last night, and I love it.  I have created a handful of these over the years, and they are always snapped up at the shows.  I hope to do a bunch more before September!  I feel like I am doing pretty good with getting an adequate inventory for the shows starting in September.  Clothesline is the first show, and I have been accepted!  YAY.  I hope to have the same booth.  All I know so far is that they have cashed my check.
My focus since January has been on creating the coats, coats, coats!  In between I have been getting a good inventory of arm warmers.  I know how everyone loves to have at least 50 on the table to pick from.  It’s so fun to hang out with everyone as they try to choose the perfect pair.  I have about 8 more coats to create, and then I will start designing the tunics, and cardigans.  I enjoy creating all pieces, and also like to sprinkle in some new ideas here and there.  Like this dress pictured here.  I love the design of it, and hope to do a bunch more.  I have also purchased several different colors of tulle to use for skirts, and I also would like to put some under the coat skirt….. we’ll see how that works out.  I love all that fluffy tulle!
I have always loved nuno felting, and I finally purchased all the items needed to create something using that process….. just have to find the time!
There is always something NEW and EXCITING that I want to get my hands into, but I try to stay focused on what the people want, and keep making more of those coats, tunics, cardigans, and arm warmers.  I will get to some hats too.  I have added elastic to the hats, which works much better in keeping it snug on the head.
My husband, Jack, has officially retired!!!  YAY for him!!  And YAY for me, because he does a huge amount of cutting for me.  He is the cutting machine!  I sort out the sweaters I want for a piece, and give him instructions on what I need, and he cuts them up.  I then put the pieces together just so, and start sewing.  I have totes full of coat pieces ready for creating!  He is also the muscle at the shows setting up, and he has even worked the booth with me a few times.  He’s the best, and Kreationality could not keep up with the demand without his help!  Thank you to my best friend!
So I have coffee in hand this morning, and I’m ready to get back to the sewing rooms.  Hope you have a great day!!!
As always, you can find the latest pieces as I finish them on Facebook, and also check out the website for more information!  I have some items listed on Etsy if you want to check them out….. !!  Thanks to all for your support!!

Another Successful Year!!

IMG_9848Thank you to all of you who participated in Kreationality’s success this past Fall/Winter season of shows.  Whether you purchased a piece, stopped by to chat, complimented what I do, helped me in my booth, offered ideas, introduced yourself as a fellow vendor, congratulated me on my recognition awards, or just smiled as you walked by!  Thank you!  Thank you to my friends and family who support me with this crazy business…. it’s a great feeling to have that support!
As I wind down from the hectic schedule of participating in the four months of shows, I realize that the work to keep this business going does not stop!  I continue to get requests for my pieces now that the shows are over, and I am busy working on adding items to the Etsy site where you can purchase Kreationality pieces.  I am so grateful for those of you that come back for more of my pieces, and purchase the items as soon as I completed creating them!  So my challenge going forward is to stay ahead of the demand!  

I have been doing the shows for three years now, and I think I finally have a handle on which ones are the right fit for me, and my crazy pieces!!  That’s a good thing!  I will be able to sew more with a more thought out schedule!  
I look forward to spending January through August in my sewing rooms.  My goal is to create double the amount of pieces for 2015.  I promise to have lots more available in 2015.  
My industrial serge machine I purchase in 2014 was worth every penny!  It is faster, and goes through much thicker sweaters…. oh, I love it!  I decided to purchase an industrial straight stitch in January, and it is working perfectly to sew the pockets on all the sweaters I am creating!!   I would also like to use the straight stitch machine to get back to wall hangings with the upcycled materials!  They are unique, and fun pieces for home decorating!  
Spring is on its way, and I am in my sewing rooms creating one-of-a-kind pieces for 2015  Fall/Winter show season!
Stay connected with Kreationality on Facebook!

Arm Warmers Galore!!

I have been very busy creating TONS of arm warmers lately.  arm warmers blogI pluck fun sweaters from the HUGE collection of sweaters I have accumulated, and put them in a separate pile.  I also throw the scrap pieces into that pile from the other pieces I’m working on.  My husband, Jack,  works from this pile cutting out the arm warmer pieces with a template, and rotary cutter.  He is a huge help doing this step for me!!!  There are no two arm warmers alike because  I have thousands of pieces to pick from (thanks, Jack), and I also have so many colors of thread to pick from!
I like to create about 5-10 arm warmers per evening after my “day” job.  I have several hundred right now, and I still have a couple months till September…. the first festival.    It’s really fun to create these arm warmers, and to think of all the people hanging around the arm warmer table trying to pick the perfect pair!  FUN!!!!  :D
Please stop by at one of the festivals this Fall, and say hi….


Sewing class

KarenFerner.Photo1I signed up for a sewing class last year to create a reversible tote.  It was a Groupon deal, and it sounded fun.  Unfortunately, I never used it, but the business owner allowed me to use the face value of my Groupon when they offered the class again!  I am excited that the class is this Saturday.  I have created lots of totes, but I like to try new ideas, and especially with IN PERSON instruction.  There is always something to learn!  It’s going to be a fun time, and I will create this cool tote with my new bolts of remnant fabric I purchased a few weeks ago.  The texture of the fabric will be perfect for a reversible tote.  YAY!  So excited.

I have been playing around with the idea of teaching a class myself.  I could do it in Rochester, or do an online class.  It was suggested to me last year to do an online instructional video, but I just did not have the time.  I think it would be fun to do the video instruction, and it would also be fun to do the in person class.  We’ll see how that works out.
Let me know if you would be interested in an online, or in person class on creating clothing from upcycled materials.  I am working on lots of new ideas for my pieces, and have a photo session scheduled for March 10th.  Look for preview photo at and then available for purchase at

Send me an email with any questions, or ideas!!


It’s Just Me!!

sweatersI just returned from a very successful sweater buying trip today.  I have eight bags of fabulous sweaters!  I am processing them now so they will be ready for this weekend.  I am so inspired to create after a great appointment last night that opened all my chakras.  I feel activated, energized, and ready to create! 

As much as I enjoy picking out all the sweaters on my shopping trips, what I really love is being in my sewing room, and creating these cool pieces.  It’s so easy for me to go for hours without noticing.  I enjoy going through all the sweaters, and then finding what goes together, and then determine what kind of piece it can be with what I gather.  I would love to be able to whip up a whole bunch of pieces every weekend, but it’s just me!!  I do what I am inspired to do.  My husband helps me by cutting the arm warmers pieces, and it’s a HUGE help, because I make hundreds of them!  But creating the sweaters, and coats is just me, and I love doing it.  Sometimes I’m inspired to try new patterns, new ideas, or to adjust something I already have.  That is the freedom I love…… being able to create inspired, and I wouldn’t want to lose that.  

I love, and appreciate all the ideas you send me, and comments on my pieces.  It is great to know they are appreciated.  Thank you,  thank you,  thank you!!

So look for some NEW pieces next week.  I’ll post them on Facebook first. and also check out what I have available NOW at 

Thank you for your comments and “likes”, and all your support and love! 

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