New Pieces

dressI created this cute dress last night, and I love it.  I have created a handful of these over the years, and they are always snapped up at the shows.  I hope to do a bunch more before September!  I feel like I am doing pretty good with getting an adequate inventory for the shows starting in September.  Clothesline is the first show, and I have been accepted!  YAY.  I hope to have the same booth.  All I know so far is that they have cashed my check.
My focus since January has been on creating the coats, coats, coats!  In between I have been getting a good inventory of arm warmers.  I know how everyone loves to have at least 50 on the table to pick from.  It’s so fun to hang out with everyone as they try to choose the perfect pair.  I have about 8 more coats to create, and then I will start designing the tunics, and cardigans.  I enjoy creating all pieces, and also like to sprinkle in some new ideas here and there.  Like this dress pictured here.  I love the design of it, and hope to do a bunch more.  I have also purchased several different colors of tulle to use for skirts, and I also would like to put some under the coat skirt….. we’ll see how that works out.  I love all that fluffy tulle!
I have always loved nuno felting, and I finally purchased all the items needed to create something using that process….. just have to find the time!
There is always something NEW and EXCITING that I want to get my hands into, but I try to stay focused on what the people want, and keep making more of those coats, tunics, cardigans, and arm warmers.  I will get to some hats too.  I have added elastic to the hats, which works much better in keeping it snug on the head.
My husband, Jack, has officially retired!!!  YAY for him!!  And YAY for me, because he does a huge amount of cutting for me.  He is the cutting machine!  I sort out the sweaters I want for a piece, and give him instructions on what I need, and he cuts them up.  I then put the pieces together just so, and start sewing.  I have totes full of coat pieces ready for creating!  He is also the muscle at the shows setting up, and he has even worked the booth with me a few times.  He’s the best, and Kreationality could not keep up with the demand without his help!  Thank you to my best friend!
So I have coffee in hand this morning, and I’m ready to get back to the sewing rooms.  Hope you have a great day!!!
As always, you can find the latest pieces as I finish them on Facebook, and also check out the website for more information!  I have some items listed on Etsy if you want to check them out….. !!  Thanks to all for your support!!

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