Clothesline Festival

Hey everyone!!  
I’m looking forward to the festival season to begin September 7 & 8 at the Clothesline Festival.  Kreationality will be at clotheslinebooth 243 in back of the Museum.  This is a fun  time of year for Kreationality.  All the hours of work from the last 6 months will be on display, and I am so excited!!   To see a list of festivals that Kreationality will be at, check
During the “down” time of January through August, I have been playing with lots of ideas, and creating new pieces.   I ended up going  back to the coats, sweaters, and arm warmers.  I have several totes to bring to the festivals, and some pillows, hats, and scarves too, but for the most part, I like working on the coats, sweaters, and arm warmers.  I enjoy new, and different ideas, and will always be exploring what else I can create from these upcycled sweaters.  I am bringing back my little Christmas trees that started this whole thing.  They are so cute!  I will have those with me at the festivals that are closer to Christmas.
Thank you for all your support, and love!!  I have been selling pieces on the website, so check there if you are interested in one of these unique sweaters at

Custom Orders

Custom Order KreationalityI have always tried to stay away from custom orders.  Mostly because I can only work with the sweaters I find, and it makes it more work to custom size from the sweaters I have on hand.  But as festival time is getting closer I have been thinking of all the requests I get from people for “custom” pieces.  The questions I get are, “can you make me something like this, but shorter sleeves, and with a hood, or smaller, etc.”…. stuff like that.  Well, THAT is a custom order.  I work with what I have, and so a custom order takes at least twice as much time to find sweaters, and then create the piece.  So, I decided to create a custom order form with pricing, so you can make that decision.  Please check it out at and find the link on the right side which will take you to the custom order sheet which includes  pricing.
I would love for you to have the piece of your dreams, and we can work together on it.  All of this is a work in progress, and I just go with the flow!  Let’s see what happens.
Reminder that the first event Kreationality will be at is the Clothesline Festival on September 7 & 8.  I will be at booth 243 in Section A.  Come see me!! 
Also, the monthly arm warmer drawing starts September 1st, so enter at once, and you will be entered for each months drawing. 
Thank you all for your support!!  I am looking forward to the Fall and all the fun events ,and festivals.  Find the list of festivals I will be at

Events and Totes

At the marketI have been slacking on the blogs while I learn all kinds of other fun stuff. I have been researching different ways on how to sell my pieces from my website, and I’m playing with new ideas of upcycled clothing for summer festivals that I have signed up for, and have been accepted to (yikes). I am participating in the Fairport Canal Days in June, and have applied to Corn Hill in July. I have been creating some totes with upholstery remnant material I came across. I learned this pattern from The Crafting Social where I took a class.  The totes are very sturdy, and reversible.  The colors are very nice, and so far everyone loves them.
Another thing I am working to do is to create a short video showing people how I get that fancy stitch on my clothing. I have had several people ask me, and “showing” is the best way to explain. I will be working on that soon!
I continue to create arm warmers for the 2013 events that will start in September.  I need hundreds of them, and I’m getting there.
I continue to watch for events to apply to. I am waiting to see if I am accepted to Letchworth Arts &Crafts Sale, and Clothesline.  I have been accepted to Greentopia, Naples Grape Festival, and The Purple Painted Lady. I also expect to return to Rochester Museum and Science Holiday Bazaar, and the Holidays at the Rochester Public Market. I love doing the events, and look forward to them.
Stay connected with me through Facebook and find my pieces for sale on Etsy at
Thanks for your support!!