2017 Fall and Winter Show Schedule

Hi everyone!!  Seasons go by so fast, and it’s been a while since I have written.  I have been busy with a family member staying with us since September of last year.  She sleeps in my sewing room, so it has been a challenge getting in there to sew, but I have done it!  You can always check my Facebook page for up to the minute creations.  I have been working on new ideas, and bringing back some older ones.  I started making “sets” of matching hat, arm warmer, and leg warmers.  Some really fun colors.

sest2 set3 sets









I am excited to be accepted to Clothesline and Letchworth for 2017 shows this year!  I enjoy these shows, and look forward to seeing everyone there.  More exciting things to come from Kreationality this year!  Stay tuned.  Thank you all for your support!
Here are the shows I am looking into for the Fall/Winter season.  More to come!  

M&T Clothesline Festival – September 9 & 10
Artist Row (application sent) – September 17th
The Purple Painted Lady Barn Sale – September 23rd…
Letchworth Arts & Crafts Show – October 7, 8 & 9
Canandaigua Christkindl (application sent) – November 10,11, &12
Rochester Museum & Science – November 17, 18 & 19

Karen Ferner

2014 Shows

Hey everyone!  
It’s been a long, cold winter!   And I thought of posting LOTS of times, but never sat down to do it.  But I am finally sitting here to write something today!
I have been sooooooo excited as I receive ACCEPTANCE letters to almost all the shows I applied to….. yay!!!!!!  I think there are two more that I am waiting to hear about.  
Go to  Festivals to see where we will be this year!  It’s a pretty FULL schedule………yeah!  
I am doing two summer shows, and I know they will be FUN!  1374782_408804595912134_749745794_n
My husband, Jack,  and I are happy to be doing the Roycroft RALA Summer Festival in June.  We love East Aurora, NY, and enjoy spending time at the Roycroft Inn, and going to the shops on Main Street, especially Vidlers!  Jack is usually behind the scenes helping me in a HUGE way with cutting, and fixing stuff, helping with the tent, and creating all my booth ideas, but he will be my help in the tent at a few of the out-of-town shows.  :D  (he was awesome help in Canandaigua last year, see pic!!)
The next show in August will be out-of-town as well.  Jack and I will be participating in the Crafts Alliance Fine Crafts Show in Chautauqua, NY.  This is a whole new place for both of us to visit.  It looks like a fun place to vacation, so we’ll be checking it out for a future fun vacation spot!  
The rest of the shows start in September, beginning with the CLOTHESLINE Festival!  That was so fun last year!  I can’t wait to talk with all the friends that come by!  
And, you can see the rest of the show schedule here, and please make sure to come and visit meeeeeee!!  
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I appreciate your emails, notes, comments, and LOVE!  
Thank you!!!!  :D


Sweater Vest

DSCN3003I love the way this custom created vest came out.  I have done a few of these vests before, but this one was custom created in an XL, size 18.  I create these vests by sewing (serging) together rectangles from left over arm warmer sweater pieces.  Sometimes the sweater piece is too thick to create arm warmers, and sometimes there is that odd piece that just gets tossed into the “extra” pile.  I like the variation of colors, and textures that create these vests.  They are definitely one-of-a-kind, and totally unique in design and pattern. 
You can find my pieces on Facebook where I always post the newest creations.  You can see what is available now at my Etsy shop.  


You can find Kreationality pieces in the following establishments:


                Soulstice Artisan Market
                632 North Winton Rd. 
                Rochester, NY 14609


 ****Skaneateles Artisans*****   NEW LOCATION 
3 Fennell Street  Suite 4

Skaneateles, NY 13152

                                                    Arrons Alley
                                                    662 Monroe Ave.

                                                    Rochester, NY 14607

Kreationality has applied to the followings shows:

Roycroft Artisan Festival
Craft Alliance Chautaqua Festival of Art
Canandaigua Christkindl
Naples Grape Festival (ACCEPTED)
Letchworth Arts and Crafts Show


Thank you for your support!  See you soon,





Kreationality Festivals 2014

Hello from Kreationality!!

IMG_9792cThe next arm warmer drawing is March 1st…. “LIKE” us on facebook  www.facebook.com/kreationality for a chance to win, and sign up to our newsletter at www.kreationality.com for another chance to win a pair!!

Kreationality has applied to the following 2014  juried festivals and events so far……
Stay tuned for acceptance!

Roycroft Summer Festival
East Aurora, NY
June 28 & 29


Crafts Alliance
Chautaqua, NY

August 8, 9, 10

Rochester, NY

September 6, 7

Naples Grape Festival    (**ACCEPTED**)
Naples, NY
September 27 & 28

Letchworth Arts & Crafts Show
Letchworth State Park
October 11, 12. 13


Canandaigua Christkindle 
Canandaigua, NY
November 14, 15, 16


Rochester Museum Science Center  
44th Annual Holiday Bazaar Arts & Crafts Sale
November  21, 22, 23

Holidays at the Market
Rochester Public Market
Sundays in December 
9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.



Clothesline Festival

Hey everyone!!  
I’m looking forward to the festival season to begin September 7 & 8 at the Clothesline Festival.  Kreationality will be at clotheslinebooth 243 in back of the Museum.  This is a fun  time of year for Kreationality.  All the hours of work from the last 6 months will be on display, and I am so excited!!   To see a list of festivals that Kreationality will be at, check www.kreationality.com/festivals-and-stores.
During the “down” time of January through August, I have been playing with lots of ideas, and creating new pieces.   I ended up going  back to the coats, sweaters, and arm warmers.  I have several totes to bring to the festivals, and some pillows, hats, and scarves too, but for the most part, I like working on the coats, sweaters, and arm warmers.  I enjoy new, and different ideas, and will always be exploring what else I can create from these upcycled sweaters.  I am bringing back my little Christmas trees that started this whole thing.  They are so cute!  I will have those with me at the festivals that are closer to Christmas.
Thank you for all your support, and love!!  I have been selling pieces on the website, so check there if you are interested in one of these unique sweaters at www.kreationality.com/shop

Custom Orders

Custom Order KreationalityI have always tried to stay away from custom orders.  Mostly because I can only work with the sweaters I find, and it makes it more work to custom size from the sweaters I have on hand.  But as festival time is getting closer I have been thinking of all the requests I get from people for “custom” pieces.  The questions I get are, “can you make me something like this, but shorter sleeves, and with a hood, or smaller, etc.”…. stuff like that.  Well, THAT is a custom order.  I work with what I have, and so a custom order takes at least twice as much time to find sweaters, and then create the piece.  So, I decided to create a custom order form with pricing, so you can make that decision.  Please check it out at www.kreationality.com and find the link on the right side which will take you to the custom order sheet which includes  pricing.
I would love for you to have the piece of your dreams, and we can work together on it.  All of this is a work in progress, and I just go with the flow!  Let’s see what happens.
Reminder that the first event Kreationality will be at is the Clothesline Festival on September 7 & 8.  I will be at booth 243 in Section A.  Come see me!! 
Also, the monthly arm warmer drawing starts September 1st, so enter at www.kreationality.com once, and you will be entered for each months drawing. 
Thank you all for your support!!  I am looking forward to the Fall and all the fun events ,and festivals.  Find the list of festivals I will be at www.kreationality.com/festivals-and-stores.

Arm Warmers Galore!!

I have been very busy creating TONS of arm warmers lately.  arm warmers blogI pluck fun sweaters from the HUGE collection of sweaters I have accumulated, and put them in a separate pile.  I also throw the scrap pieces into that pile from the other pieces I’m working on.  My husband, Jack,  works from this pile cutting out the arm warmer pieces with a template, and rotary cutter.  He is a huge help doing this step for me!!!  There are no two arm warmers alike because  I have thousands of pieces to pick from (thanks, Jack), and I also have so many colors of thread to pick from!
I like to create about 5-10 arm warmers per evening after my “day” job.  I have several hundred right now, and I still have a couple months till September…. the first festival.    It’s really fun to create these arm warmers, and to think of all the people hanging around the arm warmer table trying to pick the perfect pair!  FUN!!!!  :D
Please stop by at one of the festivals this Fall, and say hi…. www.kreationality.com/festivals-and-stores



We are really feeling Spring this week with the beautiful weather.   poppy

I’m getting outside to work in the dirt, and prepare the ground for some beautiful flowers!  Not many people are thinking of sweaters this time of year, but I am still busy in the sewing room working on new pieces, and new ideas for the Fall.  I am prepared to work through the Summer with the piles and piles of sweaters that I acquired in the last few months.  I will be working on creating coats, sweaters, arm warmers, and lots of new ideas.  I am having fun finding new ways of creating with upcycled materials.
I have just purchased a new craft table and mat to make creating a little easier on me!!  No more working on the floor.  The floor is a nice, big area, but now I will have a nice, big table that is the perfect height, and will be great for hours of creating!  I’m still working on my website shopping cart, and looking for someone with WordPress knowledge for some help.  I am also working on pictures to post on Facebook at www.facebook.com/kreationality of all the new totes available.   Please “like” me when you visit my Facebook page!
I am waiting for one more event approval, but the festivals I will be attending for sure are listed at www.kreationality.com/festivals-and-stores   I look forward to seeing you there!  I love participating at these festivals.  I am still looking for someone to assist me at these events.  Loading and unloading the tent, and booth items, and hanging with me to help with all the folks that come by. 
Have a beautiful day!

New Ideas!

I love being home all weekend creating, and coming up with new ideas.  I learned a new process from a sewing guru a few weeks ago, and I’ve been playing with that idea this weekend.  It’s going to be very cool incorporating this new process into my pieces.   I like visualizing new ideas, and then creating them.  Sometimes it works out, and sometimes it doesn’t.  But, it doesn’t matter, because I learn something no matter what!  I often put a project aside, and start something new, and go back to that project with a better outlook on the end result.  And because of that quirk, I have projects all over the house!  Thankfully my husband is very cool about my stuff being everywhere!  He did put up some shelving for me this week, and I have organized myself to some degree with that! yay! 
After creating all day in the sewing room I enjoy relaxing on the couch looking up different ideas on the internet.  Sometimes incorporating those ideas into my pieces.  Several years ago I found a blog on making little Christmas trees out of upcycled sweaters.  Actually, that is how I started working with upcycled sweaters!!  I made about 25 of those little trees, and loved every minute of that project.  I have decided to do more of those to offer at the festivals.  It’s not unusual for an artist to find a cool idea, and incorporate some of their own ideas into the project …… creating a totally new piece.  xmas treesAwesome!  I do that all the time!  So anyway, I love the little Christmas trees, but I want to make them a little more stable.  The wire that holds the whole piece together is a tad flimsy, and while I love the way you can bend the trees, and make them all different, it’s not very stable.  So, I’m thinking my husband (the woodworker) will be involved in working out a way to put a base on these little babies to make them nice and sturdy.  He is excellent with suggestions!  We work so well together.  I am totally open to new ideas, and will always listen to anyone ready to suggest, advise, or just throw me some wisdom!  And I will share whatever I know with anyone who asks.  This is why I need an assistant at the festivals, someone to tend to the customers wanting to purchase pieces.  I am always chatting with someone who wants to know how I create the sweaters, where I got the idea, and can I create one for them…. (of course!). 
I am working with a designer (see my new website banner, and grab a biz card when you see me) www.kreationality.com.  Her name is Alison Schantz, and I’m not sure of her actual “title”, but she is super talented!  Not only does she create amazing designs, but she has excellent input, and suggestions.  Things I just wouldn’t have thought of.  I just love that!  I am going to ask her to create the signs for my booth, and do some other stuff too.  So, more new ideas there too!
I am working on a new shopping cart on my website, so things look a little different, and not all my pieces are up on the site.  You can always contact me directly info@kreationality.com for more information on anything you see on Facebook!  www.facebook.com/kreationality
Check the website to see what festivals I will be at this Fall.  I am doing a few this summer too. 
I look forward to hanging out with you!

Fun Event at Lavender Fields

lavendar fields karen ferner kreationalityWe had a great time at the Lavender Fields open house on Saturday.   Pam’s home was beautiful, and spacious.  Several vendors were set up throughout the house, with the kitchen being the main focus.  Scrumptious desert samples were offered, and a delicious Panini and soup lunch was prepared for the event. 

I set up my space downstairs, and had lots of traffic coming through.  People loved the idea of upcycling materials to create something totally different, and unique.  The hand warmers were pawed through, as usual.  It’s always an event to find the perfect pair. Several pieces were tried on, and my most recent swing coat was purchased!  I love when someone tries something on, and it just fits perfectly.  This woman had the perfect height for the coat, and it was made for her!  I am so happy when a piece fits someone so well, and they love it. 

As usual, people had lots of ideas for me.  I am not sure why this happens, but I do appreciate it.  I notice that people at these events like to share ideas they have.  Either they have just thought of them as they look at my pieces, or maybe something they have been thinking of, and can apply to my creations.  One idea that was suggested from one of the many visitors on Saturday was to make one of the pixie point hoods all by itself.   You can see these elaborate hoods on some of the coats, and sweaters I create.  The idea to do them as a hat is a good one.  I have thought of this one before, but just haven’t gotten around to doing it.  It would be a hood with some long ties, and it could stay on the head, or stay down with the ties keeping it on the body.  I look forward to working on those!!

Visit me at one of the events I will be at  www.kreationality.com/festivals-and-stores

Check out the most recent pieces that are posted on the fan page www.facebook.com/kreationality and give me a “like” while you are visiting!

Thank you !!