Update on 2015 Shows


2014 Artist Row Award

2014 Artist Row Award

I received a letter from the show “Christmas in the Country” in Hamburg, NY (November 5th-8th), and they informed me my category is full, but not to be discouraged because I am on a wait list, so if a spot becomes available they will contact me.  They approved my application, so that’s good!!!  Wait and see on that event.

I am super HAPPY, and excited to find out that the Artist Row show at the Rochester Public Market is being held on Sunday, September 20th!!  So I will be able to participate at both Clothesline (September 12-13), and Artist Row!  Yay!  Artist Row was a great show last year, and I won an award in my category!!  I’m so honored!!  So glad to be participating in this event again this year!  
I have submitted all of my applications to the shows I hope to participate in, and will find out if I have been accepted when the jury process is complete for each show.  They all have a different process, and timeline, so I will find out when I find out!!! ;)
I’ll keep you posted!  I will also post the schedule, and updates on my Facebook page and website.  Stay connected!!  
Thank you for the love and support!!!  I feel it!

Festivals and Events

I have been adding events to the festival list on the website www.kreationality.com. Vintage Mannequin

There are a few unconfirmed events on the list that I am either waiting for the application to become available, or the “jury” is still out. Please check it out, and try to stop by and say “hi”, we would love to see you!
The June 1 &2 Fairport Canal Days is the first time we will be doing a Spring/Summer event. We will also be at Corn Hill in July, and Hammondsport in August. I’m not sure how we will be received in the warmer weather with our wool, and wool blend sweaters, but we will have fun no matter what! I will also have the “reversible totes” available at these events in lots of colors, and sizes with varying degrees of embellishments. They are fun to create, and I’m so glad I took the class at The Crafting Social!
I continue to create arm warmers, sweaters, and coats every day to make sure I have a nice variety for you to choose from. The arm warmers are always a huge success, and they just flew out of the booth last Fall, so I am going to be very well prepared this year. No more crazy nights at the machine creating for the next day! That was insane. As some of you know, I am a certified yoga instructor, but gave up teaching last year to spend more time on this biz, but I definitely continue my own practice, which keeps me sane, well, for the most part. I do some private instruction, and occasional group classes, because I still love to teach. I think teaching how to create these sweaters would be a fun thing to do, too. I enjoy new experiences, and that would be a great time. There is always something fun to do, or experience, if you just open yourself to it.
Have fun!!
Hope to see you soon!

Coming Home

plane_flyingI‘m on my way home from Seattle with renewed enthusiasm for my dreams!!  The Infinite Possibilities conference was amazing, of course!  Several of us from the previous conference in June attended this one, and we had a great time catching up, and learning of more ways to teach this material.  I am making a date for my workshop, and then doing it.  I am committed.  There are so many new ideas I have learned from this conference that I can apply to my workshop.  I am so excited to offer this to those that it resonates with.  

Along with this desire to teach a workshop of the Infinite Possibilities of this life, and how to live the life of our dreams, I am soooo excited to get back to designing and creating my pieces.  I will have a renewed, and fresh outlook on creating these unique pieces.  I saw some interesting clothing at the conference, and I love getting ideas from what I see.  Of course, I wore some of my pieces, and people loved what they saw!!!  Thank you!!!   :-)   So, if you met me at the conference, I am excited to hear from you.  Check out my website at www.kreationality.com to see what I do, and learn more about “me”!!  

If you are a follower of Kreationality, and want to know more about Infinite Possibilities, reply to me by sending an email to info@kreationality.com!!  I would love to tell you about it!!! If you haven’t checked it out, please go to www.facebook.com/ kreationality and “like” my page!!!

Thank you so much!
It’s all about LOVE!!!!  
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Awesome Day at the Market

At the marketWe had a very busy day at the Market on Sunday!  It was a great time with lots of interesting people that stopped by.  I never thought I would enjoy doing these events as much as I do.  It is so fun to meet new people, and chat about what I do.  I am also very happy, and amazed to see those who come back to see me, and that follow Kreationality to the events we are at.  That makes me smile!!!  Thank you to the women (sorry, I forget names of so many people) from the RMSC council that came to the Market to donate a beautiful, pink scarf that she found while sorting through her things.  She gave it to me for future use in creating something fun!  That was so thoughtful!  Thank you to everyone who has donated your items to me.  Truly appreciated! 

There were several people who came searching us out this weekend, and we are so glad you came out to see us!  We are grateful for the mild weather we had for both Sundays we were at the event.  I heard several people say it was great to get out, and enjoy the Market in the mild weather.  
Thank you to the organizers of the Holidays at the Market, who did a great job.  We were so glad they let us borrow a table one Sunday, and a chair the next Sunday.  What can I say, I forget stuff!  So, that was the last event for a while. 

Stay in touch with us through Facebook, or our website.  
I will be posting a new collection around January 8th.  If you are on the mailing list, you will be informed by email when the pieces will be posted on Facebook, and the website.

Thank you for your support!  

Fun Event at Lavender Fields

lavendar fields karen ferner kreationalityWe had a great time at the Lavender Fields open house on Saturday.   Pam’s home was beautiful, and spacious.  Several vendors were set up throughout the house, with the kitchen being the main focus.  Scrumptious desert samples were offered, and a delicious Panini and soup lunch was prepared for the event. 

I set up my space downstairs, and had lots of traffic coming through.  People loved the idea of upcycling materials to create something totally different, and unique.  The hand warmers were pawed through, as usual.  It’s always an event to find the perfect pair. Several pieces were tried on, and my most recent swing coat was purchased!  I love when someone tries something on, and it just fits perfectly.  This woman had the perfect height for the coat, and it was made for her!  I am so happy when a piece fits someone so well, and they love it. 

As usual, people had lots of ideas for me.  I am not sure why this happens, but I do appreciate it.  I notice that people at these events like to share ideas they have.  Either they have just thought of them as they look at my pieces, or maybe something they have been thinking of, and can apply to my creations.  One idea that was suggested from one of the many visitors on Saturday was to make one of the pixie point hoods all by itself.   You can see these elaborate hoods on some of the coats, and sweaters I create.  The idea to do them as a hat is a good one.  I have thought of this one before, but just haven’t gotten around to doing it.  It would be a hood with some long ties, and it could stay on the head, or stay down with the ties keeping it on the body.  I look forward to working on those!!

Visit me at one of the events I will be at  www.kreationality.com/festivals-and-stores

Check out the most recent pieces that are posted on the fan page www.facebook.com/kreationality and give me a “like” while you are visiting!

Thank you !!