2017 Fall and Winter Show Schedule

Hi everyone!!  Seasons go by so fast, and it’s been a while since I have written.  I have been busy with a family member staying with us since September of last year.  She sleeps in my sewing room, so it has been a challenge getting in there to sew, but I have done it!  You can always check my Facebook page for up to the minute creations.  I have been working on new ideas, and bringing back some older ones.  I started making “sets” of matching hat, arm warmer, and leg warmers.  Some really fun colors.

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I am excited to be accepted to Clothesline and Letchworth for 2017 shows this year!  I enjoy these shows, and look forward to seeing everyone there.  More exciting things to come from Kreationality this year!  Stay tuned.  Thank you all for your support!
Here are the shows I am looking into for the Fall/Winter season.  More to come!  

M&T Clothesline Festival – September 9 & 10
Artist Row (application sent) – September 17th
The Purple Painted Lady Barn Sale – September 23rd…
Letchworth Arts & Crafts Show – October 7, 8 & 9
Canandaigua Christkindl (application sent) – November 10,11, &12
Rochester Museum & Science – November 17, 18 & 19

Karen Ferner

Update on 2015 Shows


2014 Artist Row Award

2014 Artist Row Award

I received a letter from the show “Christmas in the Country” in Hamburg, NY (November 5th-8th), and they informed me my category is full, but not to be discouraged because I am on a wait list, so if a spot becomes available they will contact me.  They approved my application, so that’s good!!!  Wait and see on that event.

I am super HAPPY, and excited to find out that the Artist Row show at the Rochester Public Market is being held on Sunday, September 20th!!  So I will be able to participate at both Clothesline (September 12-13), and Artist Row!  Yay!  Artist Row was a great show last year, and I won an award in my category!!  I’m so honored!!  So glad to be participating in this event again this year!  
I have submitted all of my applications to the shows I hope to participate in, and will find out if I have been accepted when the jury process is complete for each show.  They all have a different process, and timeline, so I will find out when I find out!!! ;)
I’ll keep you posted!  I will also post the schedule, and updates on my Facebook page and website.  Stay connected!!  
Thank you for the love and support!!!  I feel it!

Finding the Sweaters…….. 2014

1604412_446474068811853_243496152_nThis picture was taken on my last big sweater shopping trip!  What a HUGE load that was.  I found so many nice sweaters.  Sometimes it just works out that way!  YAY!  The biggest talk I am hearing at the Goodwill and Salvation Army stores is how the prices have increased over the last year.  I noticed this in Rochester last year, and now I see the same thing happening in the Southern Tier.  I actually found three cashmere sweaters on this last trip marked at $14.99 and $15.99….. even if it was half price day, I wouldn’t pay that.  I have found tons of cashmere sweaters in the past, and never paid that much.  Not sure what is happening, but it looks like “goodwill” stores are becoming retail stores.  But it’s obvious from my cart-load of sweaters that I don’t have a problem finding what I need at the right price!  I am flexible, and open to new ideas (and there’s always new ideas) if it ever becomes a problem finding sweaters……. I’m not worried about it.

Right now, I am busy creating arm warmers, and a few custom orders.  The demand for arm warmers at the festivals is unbelievable, and amazing!  It’s so fun to interact with people as they try to make a decision on which pair they want out of the hundreds to choose from.  I will begin creating coats, and sweaters in the next month or so.  I have a HUGE stockpile of sweater inventory ready to be designed, and re-created!  I do have several items available now that you can check out at my Etsy store at www.esty.com/store/kreationality


These last two months I have been busy applying to festivals.  There were so many new events I was told about, and invited to apply to, and I had to check them all out to see if it was a good fit for Kreationality.  I finally narrowed it down, and have applied to six festivals. so far.  I applied to two new ones in the Summer, and both are out of town.  Chautaqua, NY and East Aurora, NY.  To see the list of the juried events I have applied to please visit www.kreationality.com/festivals-and-stores

As mentioned, my Etsy store is now active again.  Mostly, I like to focus my attention on the festivals, but I wanted to have a place for people to purchase my pieces, or just get a good look at them.  I am excited that I have had two out of state sales already.  Cool!  :D    I post LOTS of photos of recent pieces on the Kreationality Facebook page www.facebook.com/kreationality

I am excited to announce Skaneateles Artisans now carries several Kreationality pieces.  Please check out their website.  It is a beautiful gallery, and I am excited to be one of the artisans featured there.

Don’t forget to “LIKE” us on Facebook www.facebook.com/kreationality, and sign up for the monthly arm warmer drawing at www.kreationality.com on March 1st.  This will be the last arm warmer drawing until September 1st.

As always, I thank you so much for your support!  



We are really feeling Spring this week with the beautiful weather.   poppy

I’m getting outside to work in the dirt, and prepare the ground for some beautiful flowers!  Not many people are thinking of sweaters this time of year, but I am still busy in the sewing room working on new pieces, and new ideas for the Fall.  I am prepared to work through the Summer with the piles and piles of sweaters that I acquired in the last few months.  I will be working on creating coats, sweaters, arm warmers, and lots of new ideas.  I am having fun finding new ways of creating with upcycled materials.
I have just purchased a new craft table and mat to make creating a little easier on me!!  No more working on the floor.  The floor is a nice, big area, but now I will have a nice, big table that is the perfect height, and will be great for hours of creating!  I’m still working on my website shopping cart, and looking for someone with WordPress knowledge for some help.  I am also working on pictures to post on Facebook at www.facebook.com/kreationality of all the new totes available.   Please “like” me when you visit my Facebook page!
I am waiting for one more event approval, but the festivals I will be attending for sure are listed at www.kreationality.com/festivals-and-stores   I look forward to seeing you there!  I love participating at these festivals.  I am still looking for someone to assist me at these events.  Loading and unloading the tent, and booth items, and hanging with me to help with all the folks that come by. 
Have a beautiful day!

How to Spring into Action for Spring

It’s a great feeling that Spring is officially here.  I’m sure we’ll see temperatures start to climb soon,
followed by the flowers coming up everywhere.  I look forward to it. spring
There’s an excitement to Spring as I think of new projects, and ideas .  So many ideas of projects that would be fun, improve life, or are just necessary to get done.   How do we find time to do all the things we want to do this Spring?  Well, one at a time is what I have found works!
I notice that when I’m working on one project, but thinking of all the other things I want to get done, there is usually a glitch in whatever I’m doing.  The vacuum breaks, my sewing machine malfunctions, I misunderstand instructions.   Also, when I am rushing through a project or task to get to the next thing, it’s just not fun.   So, I decided to chill out, and just do one thing at a time, both literally, and mentally.  First, I do a short meditation focusing on my breathe to get centered, and then focus all my attention on doing just one thing at a time, and get deliberate in every detail of what I am doing.  I get so much more accomplished, and with better results.  And, most importantly, I have fun!!! 
I was asked to create pieces for Spring, and I was really excited about that idea.   But, I panicked, and tried to figure out how I was going to do it while i was working on Fall pieces, and enjoying that.  So, I thought about it, and  realized that it just isn’t happening this year.  I just don’t have time to do it, and that’s okay.  But, to design a Spring collection is a very interesting idea, and I can consider it for next year.  That feels much better!!
So, I am having fun creating lots of coats, sweaters, and arm warmers.  I am adding the totes to my collection, and continue to come up with fun embellishments, and pockets inside and out.  I have applied, and been accepted to several events…… check the website for where I will be.  www.kreationality.com
I’m going through some changes with my website right now, and working on making my pieces available for purchase on the website again.  We will have that up and running soon.  In the meantime, you can go to Etsy to purchase my pieces www.etsy.com/kreationality or email me if you see something you would like more information about at info@kreationality.com
I continue to do the monthly drawings, so sign up at www.kreationality.com to enter for the April drawing.  Stay connected with me through Facebook at www.facebook.com/kreationality.

Having fun

So I am really having a great time creating stuff that I have been thinking about for a while.  Participating in the craft events the last few months of 2012 kept me very busy.  

PillowI recently created a cool pillow that is bright, and fun.  Very cushy, too.  I finally got to work on the coat made out of the bedspread I found using a new pattern.  That is coming out very nice, but not done yet.  I got a few requests, and ideas for scarves, so I’ve been working on that.  I like how the first one came out.  I used bright, wool blend pieces on one side, and maroon velvet on the other side.  It kind of curls into itself, or can be worn like a mini wrap…..I like it!  I have been collecting some cool colors of sweaters in a pile for some time.  Special colors that just made me smile.  I grabbed that pile this weekend, and made a coat!  It is a lighter coat than I have done before, and I really love it. I post all these pics my Facebook page www.facebook.com/kreationality and will get them on the website soon. www.kreationality.comscarf

If you are interested in any of the pieces I have, but don’t see them for sale on the website please contact me directly at info@kreationality.com and I can hook you up.  Don’t forget to use the promotional code YOUROCK on the website at checkout for 25% off for a limited time!  

So I am very excited for next weekend, and what new stuff I come up with.  But I will also get back to the sweaters!!  I know you are waiting for those!!  They are coming!!  I look forward to your suggestions for the March giveaway.  Let me know if you have an idea for the drawing prize for March!!!

Thank you for reading my blog, and please feel free to comment.  I would love to hear from YOU!!

So here I am

I have had people come up to me at the festivals and events asking me how I got into creating these designs.  I am not sure where to begin!  I have always enjoyed creating, having fun, and experimenting with new ideas.  As a young person I did a lot of babysitting, which I enjoyed because I liked playing games, drawing, and just finding fun things to do with the kids.  I also had a little side business in my parents basement where I invited the kids to come over (for a small fee– I think .50) and do crafts.  One project I remember doing with the kids was creating a little wishing well out of clothespins, a baby jar, and some fern.  I did a lot of drawing on the big chalk board we had in the basement, and played school with the kids on that.  I don’t remember what I was teaching them, but I’m sure it was something fun! Around that same time my Mom sent me to a sewing class at the Town Hall.  I had to bring material to make my project, and I remember my mom gave me some black material that she said was from Italy. I made a blouse out of that material, but I refused to model it in the fashion at the end where everyone was supposed to model their projects.  Not sure why!   Oh well!  I have no problem showing off my pieces now!!

I still have the project books that I used with my niece and nephew for finding fun things to do.  They would find a project in the book, and we would do it! So fun!  Back then it was books….. Now we have the Internet to find fun stuff to do! The kids are grown, but I still find fun stuff to do myself!  I recently found a blog tutorial on how to create your own mannequin with packing tape! My husband assisted me with this one! I will blog separately on that experience!!!

As I became an adult I continued to learn different ways to express my creativity.  I have crochet, and knitted many afghans, and several quilts.  In the last few years I have enjoyed finding ways to re-purpose materials I find.  It has been fun finding new ways to re-use stuff.  I like to check out websites and read blogs of what people are doing. 

So I have always been designing, and creating in some form, and right now I am loving what I am doing with upcycling materials into cool pieces!  I will continue to expand, and grow as I come up with new ideas and ways to re-purpose materials that I find interesting! 

Stay connected by checking in at Kreationality.com for the newest additions of my pieces!  Also go to www.Facebook.com/kreationality  for lots of pictures of what I am doing, and give me a “like” if you wouldn’t mind!!!

Thank you!!!!