Finding the Sweaters…….. 2014

1604412_446474068811853_243496152_nThis picture was taken on my last big sweater shopping trip!  What a HUGE load that was.  I found so many nice sweaters.  Sometimes it just works out that way!  YAY!  The biggest talk I am hearing at the Goodwill and Salvation Army stores is how the prices have increased over the last year.  I noticed this in Rochester last year, and now I see the same thing happening in the Southern Tier.  I actually found three cashmere sweaters on this last trip marked at $14.99 and $15.99….. even if it was half price day, I wouldn’t pay that.  I have found tons of cashmere sweaters in the past, and never paid that much.  Not sure what is happening, but it looks like “goodwill” stores are becoming retail stores.  But it’s obvious from my cart-load of sweaters that I don’t have a problem finding what I need at the right price!  I am flexible, and open to new ideas (and there’s always new ideas) if it ever becomes a problem finding sweaters……. I’m not worried about it.

Right now, I am busy creating arm warmers, and a few custom orders.  The demand for arm warmers at the festivals is unbelievable, and amazing!  It’s so fun to interact with people as they try to make a decision on which pair they want out of the hundreds to choose from.  I will begin creating coats, and sweaters in the next month or so.  I have a HUGE stockpile of sweater inventory ready to be designed, and re-created!  I do have several items available now that you can check out at my Etsy store at


These last two months I have been busy applying to festivals.  There were so many new events I was told about, and invited to apply to, and I had to check them all out to see if it was a good fit for Kreationality.  I finally narrowed it down, and have applied to six festivals. so far.  I applied to two new ones in the Summer, and both are out of town.  Chautaqua, NY and East Aurora, NY.  To see the list of the juried events I have applied to please visit

As mentioned, my Etsy store is now active again.  Mostly, I like to focus my attention on the festivals, but I wanted to have a place for people to purchase my pieces, or just get a good look at them.  I am excited that I have had two out of state sales already.  Cool!  😀    I post LOTS of photos of recent pieces on the Kreationality Facebook page

I am excited to announce Skaneateles Artisans now carries several Kreationality pieces.  Please check out their website.  It is a beautiful gallery, and I am excited to be one of the artisans featured there.

Don’t forget to “LIKE” us on Facebook, and sign up for the monthly arm warmer drawing at on March 1st.  This will be the last arm warmer drawing until September 1st.

As always, I thank you so much for your support!  


Time Well Spent

reverse.warriorI enjoy spending time with myself.  Whether I am creating, reading, listening to music, practicing yoga, or just daydreaming, I enjoy being with ME!  I work a full time job, and then happily work on this Kreationality business when I can, which is a lot of the time!! I am grateful for a husband who loves, and supports me totally!  He gets who I am. 

I am the type of person who has to go to the extremes with everything I do, so of course, I am interested in learning everything on how to run my own business.  I have hired people to do some of the stuff, but now that I have a little extra time I am learning how to do more of the background part of my business.  Things like how to post my blogs, and what words to use in order for Google to bring it up.  How to upload, and post my photos to my website, how to do my own bookkeeping, and more.  It’s not like I WANT to do the bookkeeping, blech, but I definitely should know how to do it.  I enjoy working on the website, and learning more about how to do all the marketing, etc.  I will do it until I don’t want to anymore, or I get too busy again. But the point of all this is that I know how to listen to my body, and respect what it’s telling me. Knowing how much I can do, and what is too much.  I get requests to participate in lots of fun things, and whether it’s a cup of tea, a meet and greet, a trunk show, or a Bahamas vacation, I just can’t commit to everything.  Some people understand, some do not, and that’s okay. I enjoy the fun stuff when I can, and love spending time with people I love!! I have to follow my heart, and intuition.  I always do what I can, with what I have, from where I am!!!!  

Life is great, all is well, and I love you all….!!!!! Check out my new pieces at And to be posted soon on



The Winner!

DSCN2924 The winner of this green scarf is Michaela Rosenberger!  Congratulations!!  I haven’t heard from her yet, but hope to soon.  I have a busy weekend ahead preparing for the photo session on Sunday.  I always have several pieces that need finishing up, because I start something else before I get done.  I like to start right away on new ideas, but I always get back to the previous pieces to complete them.  I have bags packed up with about 10 pieces so far, and hope to get a few more before the Sunday session.

I continue to fill out applications for events.  I have been confirmed for  Greentopia 2013, yay!!  This event is September 14 and 15, and I look forward to it.  We had fun last year.  I have applied to several other events starting in September, and am waiting for the acceptance emails.  I applied to one summer event, and I hope I have ideas on creating something besides sweaters  for JUNE.  Most of the upcoming events are juried, and requirements need to be met.  Photos, and explanation of craft are typical requirements.  My husband, Jack, is back to work as of this past Monday. YAY!!  We are getting back to a routine again.  He will continue to do cutting for me.  He completed 8 totes of rectangles while he was recuperating.  Thanks, honey!

My assistant, Mike, is leaving in the Fall to go to Buffalo State, and I will be sad to see him go.  He was very good at the events, and was quick to pick up on sewing skills.  I appreciate all his help. I will be looking for a young person to fill his shoes, a high school or college student, to assist me with the upcoming events, and possibly apprentice with me.  I would like to give a young person an opportunity to experience being in this type of environment, and pick up communications skills by interacting with the public.  I would like to find someone who can sew, or is at least interested in sewing, and would like to learn more.  They should also have a drivers license.  If you know a young person that might be interested, send them my way!!  We’ll talk, and see if it’s a good fit.  Email me at Look for new pieces to be posted on Sunday at