Update on 2015 Shows


2014 Artist Row Award

2014 Artist Row Award

I received a letter from the show “Christmas in the Country” in Hamburg, NY (November 5th-8th), and they informed me my category is full, but not to be discouraged because I am on a wait list, so if a spot becomes available they will contact me.  They approved my application, so that’s good!!!  Wait and see on that event.

I am super HAPPY, and excited to find out that the Artist Row show at the Rochester Public Market is being held on Sunday, September 20th!!  So I will be able to participate at both Clothesline (September 12-13), and Artist Row!  Yay!  Artist Row was a great show last year, and I won an award in my category!!  I’m so honored!!  So glad to be participating in this event again this year!  
I have submitted all of my applications to the shows I hope to participate in, and will find out if I have been accepted when the jury process is complete for each show.  They all have a different process, and timeline, so I will find out when I find out!!! ;)
I’ll keep you posted!  I will also post the schedule, and updates on my Facebook page and website.  Stay connected!!  
Thank you for the love and support!!!  I feel it!

Sweater Vest

DSCN3003I love the way this custom created vest came out.  I have done a few of these vests before, but this one was custom created in an XL, size 18.  I create these vests by sewing (serging) together rectangles from left over arm warmer sweater pieces.  Sometimes the sweater piece is too thick to create arm warmers, and sometimes there is that odd piece that just gets tossed into the “extra” pile.  I like the variation of colors, and textures that create these vests.  They are definitely one-of-a-kind, and totally unique in design and pattern. 
You can find my pieces on Facebook where I always post the newest creations.  You can see what is available now at my Etsy shop.  


You can find Kreationality pieces in the following establishments:


                Soulstice Artisan Market
                632 North Winton Rd. 
                Rochester, NY 14609


 ****Skaneateles Artisans*****   NEW LOCATION 
3 Fennell Street  Suite 4

Skaneateles, NY 13152

                                                    Arrons Alley
                                                    662 Monroe Ave.

                                                    Rochester, NY 14607

Kreationality has applied to the followings shows:

Roycroft Artisan Festival
Craft Alliance Chautaqua Festival of Art
Canandaigua Christkindl
Naples Grape Festival (ACCEPTED)
Letchworth Arts and Crafts Show


Thank you for your support!  See you soon,





Finding the Sweaters…….. 2014

1604412_446474068811853_243496152_nThis picture was taken on my last big sweater shopping trip!  What a HUGE load that was.  I found so many nice sweaters.  Sometimes it just works out that way!  YAY!  The biggest talk I am hearing at the Goodwill and Salvation Army stores is how the prices have increased over the last year.  I noticed this in Rochester last year, and now I see the same thing happening in the Southern Tier.  I actually found three cashmere sweaters on this last trip marked at $14.99 and $15.99….. even if it was half price day, I wouldn’t pay that.  I have found tons of cashmere sweaters in the past, and never paid that much.  Not sure what is happening, but it looks like “goodwill” stores are becoming retail stores.  But it’s obvious from my cart-load of sweaters that I don’t have a problem finding what I need at the right price!  I am flexible, and open to new ideas (and there’s always new ideas) if it ever becomes a problem finding sweaters……. I’m not worried about it.

Right now, I am busy creating arm warmers, and a few custom orders.  The demand for arm warmers at the festivals is unbelievable, and amazing!  It’s so fun to interact with people as they try to make a decision on which pair they want out of the hundreds to choose from.  I will begin creating coats, and sweaters in the next month or so.  I have a HUGE stockpile of sweater inventory ready to be designed, and re-created!  I do have several items available now that you can check out at my Etsy store at www.esty.com/store/kreationality


These last two months I have been busy applying to festivals.  There were so many new events I was told about, and invited to apply to, and I had to check them all out to see if it was a good fit for Kreationality.  I finally narrowed it down, and have applied to six festivals. so far.  I applied to two new ones in the Summer, and both are out of town.  Chautaqua, NY and East Aurora, NY.  To see the list of the juried events I have applied to please visit www.kreationality.com/festivals-and-stores

As mentioned, my Etsy store is now active again.  Mostly, I like to focus my attention on the festivals, but I wanted to have a place for people to purchase my pieces, or just get a good look at them.  I am excited that I have had two out of state sales already.  Cool!  :D    I post LOTS of photos of recent pieces on the Kreationality Facebook page www.facebook.com/kreationality

I am excited to announce Skaneateles Artisans now carries several Kreationality pieces.  Please check out their website.  It is a beautiful gallery, and I am excited to be one of the artisans featured there.

Don’t forget to “LIKE” us on Facebook www.facebook.com/kreationality, and sign up for the monthly arm warmer drawing at www.kreationality.com on March 1st.  This will be the last arm warmer drawing until September 1st.

As always, I thank you so much for your support!  


Festivals and Events

I have been adding events to the festival list on the website www.kreationality.com. Vintage Mannequin

There are a few unconfirmed events on the list that I am either waiting for the application to become available, or the “jury” is still out. Please check it out, and try to stop by and say “hi”, we would love to see you!
The June 1 &2 Fairport Canal Days is the first time we will be doing a Spring/Summer event. We will also be at Corn Hill in July, and Hammondsport in August. I’m not sure how we will be received in the warmer weather with our wool, and wool blend sweaters, but we will have fun no matter what! I will also have the “reversible totes” available at these events in lots of colors, and sizes with varying degrees of embellishments. They are fun to create, and I’m so glad I took the class at The Crafting Social!
I continue to create arm warmers, sweaters, and coats every day to make sure I have a nice variety for you to choose from. The arm warmers are always a huge success, and they just flew out of the booth last Fall, so I am going to be very well prepared this year. No more crazy nights at the machine creating for the next day! That was insane. As some of you know, I am a certified yoga instructor, but gave up teaching last year to spend more time on this biz, but I definitely continue my own practice, which keeps me sane, well, for the most part. I do some private instruction, and occasional group classes, because I still love to teach. I think teaching how to create these sweaters would be a fun thing to do, too. I enjoy new experiences, and that would be a great time. There is always something fun to do, or experience, if you just open yourself to it.
Have fun!!
Hope to see you soon!

Events and Stuff…..

Sewing SuppliesLast year I got involved in the festivals a little late in the year, but I was accepted into several as a late entry, and we were SOOOOooo successful at each event we participated in.  We had fun, and everyone loved what I was creating.  I enjoyed sharing the process of what I do with those that asked.  I am working on doing a video (can’t find my camera cord), and I would also love to teach some classes.  All that is in the works.  Meanwhile, I have been so busy scurrying around buying up the sweaters, and other fun materials to keep me busy creating throughout the summer, so I can be super-prepared for the Fall events.  I did sign up for a few summer events, Fairport Canal Days, The Corn Hill Festival, and Hammonsport Festival of Crafts.  You can find the dates, and more info on my events page www.kreationality.com/festivals-and-stores .  The best time for me to participate in events is the Fall since I create mostly wool, and wool blend pieces.  Some of the festivals I am applying to are Greentopia, Naples Grape Festival, The Purple Painted Lady, Cohocton Fall Foliage, Letchworth Art Festival, Memorial Art Gallery Fine Arts, Rochester Museum Science Center, Spencerport Lions Craft Show, and, of course, The Holidays at the Market!!  I am waiting for acceptance on a few of these events.The Summer events will be different, and I’m not sure how my pieces will go over in the middle of summer, but I have lots of unique pieces other than clothing.  I have been creating the pillows, and I just purchased more upholstery remnant fabric from Gunlocke!  OMG, I love going in there, and choosing fabrics.  I have been embellishing the totes with pockets, and some beaded trim, and buttons.  These are heavy-duty totes that will last forever with this upholstery fabric.  I also create wall art from the wool sweaters.  A unique process of sewing the materials, and pulling over a canvas.  Not everyone has one of THESE pieces of art!!!
I am excited to say that I have recently re-worked my website, and business logo.  A talented designer, Alison Schantz, designed my new business card, and website banner using one of the photos from the December 2, 2012 Democrat & Chronicle article http://www.democratandchronicle.com/article/20121130/LIVING/311300028  Alison did an amazing job creating a fresh, new look for Kreationality that I love!  I also changed what I use for the shopping cart on the website.  I like the look of it much better, and it is easier for me to add items to the website.  The SHOP page is “under construction” right now, but will be functioning soon!
I would like to give “thanks” to the Rochester Artisans Yahoo Groups page where I find some great information, and have met some knowledgeable, and interesting folks.  Join here, if so desired.  http://groups.yahoo.com/group/RochesterArtisans/ 
I look forward to seeing you at the next event: Fairport Canal Days, June 1&2.  If you see something you like on my website www.kreationality.com or Facebook page www.facebook.com/kreationality, please email me for info/purchase at info@Kreationality.com
Happy Spring!!

Having fun

So I am really having a great time creating stuff that I have been thinking about for a while.  Participating in the craft events the last few months of 2012 kept me very busy.  

PillowI recently created a cool pillow that is bright, and fun.  Very cushy, too.  I finally got to work on the coat made out of the bedspread I found using a new pattern.  That is coming out very nice, but not done yet.  I got a few requests, and ideas for scarves, so I’ve been working on that.  I like how the first one came out.  I used bright, wool blend pieces on one side, and maroon velvet on the other side.  It kind of curls into itself, or can be worn like a mini wrap…..I like it!  I have been collecting some cool colors of sweaters in a pile for some time.  Special colors that just made me smile.  I grabbed that pile this weekend, and made a coat!  It is a lighter coat than I have done before, and I really love it. I post all these pics my Facebook page www.facebook.com/kreationality and will get them on the website soon. www.kreationality.comscarf

If you are interested in any of the pieces I have, but don’t see them for sale on the website please contact me directly at info@kreationality.com and I can hook you up.  Don’t forget to use the promotional code YOUROCK on the website at checkout for 25% off for a limited time!  

So I am very excited for next weekend, and what new stuff I come up with.  But I will also get back to the sweaters!!  I know you are waiting for those!!  They are coming!!  I look forward to your suggestions for the March giveaway.  Let me know if you have an idea for the drawing prize for March!!!

Thank you for reading my blog, and please feel free to comment.  I would love to hear from YOU!!


happy_new_year_2013_8I am so happy to be creating without the events deadlines.  It is so much less stressful this way!  I do enjoy the hectic schedule of events in the Fall, but how nice to find this relaxed time after the holidays.  I am sooooo looking forward to these next few days off from my full time job to relax and create.  Now it’s time to stay home, meditate, and create!  

So far I have created two non-wool pieces, and several wool blend creations.  I made up a bunch of leg warmers to send to a friend who is a ballerina, and she is going to critique them, and let me know which design to go with.
I made a funky hat, and a pillow covering.  I also have a  paisley and velour bedspread pulled out of the totes which I plan on creating a cool maxi coat out of, and maybe a vest too.  

So check out my Facebook page, and “like” me there www.Facebook.com/Kreationality  and watch for photos of new pieces next week.  You can find a few pieces on the website at www.Kreationality.com, and more will be posted there next week also.

Thank you!

Happy New Year!!

Arm Warmers Galore

I am creating lots of arm warmers!!!!  November is full of fun events that Kreationality will be participating in.  The first event is  November 3rd at The Dome.  I am so busy creating hundreds of arm warmers for this event.  It is  fun creating these little pieces, because each pair is so different.  I cut the rectangles from the upcycled wool, and wool blend material, and then pull together the colors that I like in order to create a unique pair of warmers.  I like to have hundreds of rectangle piecesnso I can choose from the huge variety of colors for each pair.  There won’t be two alike!  I like to use some non-wool upcycled materials for accent in the arm warmers. Sometimes it’s some sparkly material, or maybe some bold, bright stripes!  I also like to find material with buttons, or any other fun embellishment that I can transfer over to be a part of the arm warmers.  It is so exciting to find those little, special pieces that I can use as part of the arm warmers.  It’s not unusual for people to be at the arm warmer table for a half hour looking at the arm warmers, and picking out the pair that is just right for them! 

Look for me at the upcoming events listed at www.Kreationality.com/products.  Check out lots of photos of arm warmers at www.Facebook.com/Kreationality and give us a “like” while you are there!

Thank you!!